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Player: Cybra
Contact: [personal profile] cybra
Age: 29
Current Characters: N/A

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Backtagging: Go for it.
Threadhopping: Generally okay with it but it's polite to ask first. :)
Offensive subjects (elaborate): If it sounds like something that wouldn't be included in a Saturday morning action cartoon, ask first.


Friendly physical contact with this character: Welcomed as a general rule!
Violence against this character: He's a superhero who can transform into different aliens who--in canon--has had people attempt to murder him or at the very least cut his arm off. He's been stabbed, shot, concussed, and even killed. If the type of violence wouldn't come from a normal superhero versus supervillain brawl, ask me.
Killing this character: Ask first. The Omnitrix is usually able to revive him if he gets killed though.
Defeating this character: Ask me first if we're doing a fight thread or log. I'm willing to have Ben get the crap kicked out of him and beaten on occasion as long as I know that's the direction we're heading in.
Flirting with this character: Do it. Watch him blush so hard and try and act cool. It's fun. (This also applies to guys. He had a guy crush on huge respect for Captain Nemesis in canon, after all. He tends to run straight though but feel free to give it a shot regardless.)
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Let me know, and I'll be happy to provide what your character's digging for or let you know if it won't work. Ben's alien forms can make things screwy.

Anything else: If you have something you want to plot or if you have a question about something not listed here, feel free to PM or plurk me.
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So how well am I playing Ben? Have some suggestions or constructive criticism? Think I'm doing a-okay? Toss it all here!
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Player Name: Cybra
Player Contact: [ profile] cybrarp | CybraRP(@)gmail(.)com | [personal profile] cybra
Characters you have in the game: None

Character Name: Ben Tennyson aka "Ben 10"
Character Canon: Ben 10 main timeline
Canon Background: Link to wiki

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